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Product Support For Specific Programs
Casual Entertainment
If you have any questions about your On Hand Software program, chances are the
answers are right here. Click on the program title and you'll see instructions and help
files about the program. This is the quickest and easiest way to answer a question.

The General FAQ's provide answers to the mostly commonly asked questions on our site. Click
on this link to see if your question may be here:

Some games not working

Anti-virus program interfering with game install

Windows 8, DVD not working, game not installing

Game restarting or not saving progress - Windows XP        

Game restarting or not saving progress
- Windows Vista/Windows 7

McAfee anti-virus software compatibility

Windows Vista compatibility

Monitor resolution changes

DirectX and video driver information

Minimizing the screen while playing        

Not all of the game screen shows on monitor
Other Information